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General conditions

Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions, together with the Legal Information and Privacy Policy for the Website apply to contracts established through the http://www.artscateringmwc.com website (henceforth the Website). These sections contain information about establishing a sale contract and other rights and responsibilities that may derive from a contractual relationship between the Hotel de la Villa Olímpica, S.A. (with registered office in Avinguda Litoral Mar 12-14, 08005, Barcelona and NIF A-58816554,) and Users or Customers who purchase the products, offers and services (henceforward the Products) provided by said company through the Website. These sections exclusively concern catering services purchased through the "Catering Stand on-line" section of the Website, and to be provided during the Mobile World Congress held at the Fira Gran Via in Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona) from 25th February 2016 to 2nd of March. Together, these sections constitute the complete agreement between the parties concerning the orders made. If any condition is missing, current Spanish legislation in that area will apply.

The fact that the Hotel de la Villa Olímpica, S.A. does not refer to any of these Terms and Conditions at any time may not be interpreted as or will not mean the renunciation of or appeal to any of them at any time, past or future.

If any of these Terms and Conditions or those contained in the various screens and information figuring in the Legal Information and Privacy Policy links are nullified due to the application of an Act, regulation or as the consequence of a ruling by the competent jurisdiction, this will not lead to the nullity of the other clauses.


1 Purpose

These Terms and Conditions regulate the purchase of Products offered or provided via the "Catering Stand on-line" section of the Website by Users from the Hotel de la Villa Olímpica, S.A. Users must have registered by completing the relevant form and giving their express, unreserved consent to all of the Terms and Conditions published on the Website when they access said site.

Users must complete the corresponding form for services announced through the "Events Catering" and "Complete Catering Service" sections on the Website, indicating the required services. We will contact them to offer the service that meets their needs, subject to conditions that we will set out at that time.

Users must read all of the Terms and Conditions each time they access the Products provided by Hotel de la Villa Olímpica, S.A. Access is also regulated by the warnings, notices, regulations of use and instructions notified to Users in screens comprising the Website with the domain http://artscateringmwc.com and which complement these Terms and Conditions.


2 Recipients

Services and offers provided by Hotel de la Villa Olímpica, S.A. through this Website are solely and exclusively for legal entities. Individuals are therefore not able to acquire the Products offered.

Under current legislation, the sale or provision of alcoholic beverages to under-age customers is not permitted via the Website. Alcoholic beverages will not be served after 10.00 p.m.


3 User-Customer

Users or Customers are defined as users who access the Website, provide the compulsory data requested and purchase Products via the "Catering Stand on-line" section following the relevant instructions on the Website and who have given their prior unreserved consent to these Terms and Conditions.


4 User and Password

Users must click "Confirm" Once all of the Products have been placed in the shopping basket, having first registered with the Website by completing at least the compulsory fields marked (*) in the relevant form and having given their full and unreserved consent to each and every one of the Terms and Conditions published at all times when the User or Customer makes their order.

The E-mail address and Password provided by the User will be used to identify them and cannot be transferred to another person for placing orders. Entering said data in the Website allows Users to access and purchase the Products provided.

The E-mail address and Password prove the User's identity and make them responsible for any order carried out in this way.

Users must enter their E-mail address and Password so that the IT programme will create a unique register for each User.

The User acknowledges that they are aware of and voluntarily accept that use of Website is their sole and exclusive responsibility at all times. They are exclusively responsible for the use, protection and safeguard of the data entered as their E-mail address and Password and assume responsibility for any damage caused by undue use of the same. Hotel de la Villa Olímpica, S.A. and Luxury Hotels International of Spain, S.L.U. are not responsible for undue third party use of said E-mail address and Password.

Users must inform Hotel de la Villa Olímpica, S.A.immediately if they suspect or become aware of any security violation of any of the information stored on the Website, or of the unauthorised use, theft or loss of their access information as well as any risk of the E-mail address and Password being accessed by a third party. The Hotel de la Villa Olímpica, S.A. will proceed to cancel this information in such cases.


5 Product information forms and illustrative photographs

Offers of Products by Hotel de la Villa Olímpica, S.A. are valid for the period established by that company, or for as long as they are available to Users on the Website where no time period is established. Hotel de la Villa Olímpica, S.A. reserves the right to stop providing access to a Product at any time and/or to conclude any of its offers without prior notice, and also reserves the ability to determine the Products offered via the Website and add new products to the range. Such new products will be covered by the Terms and Conditions applicable when these are added unless otherwise stated.

Photographs used to illustrate the Products are illustrative and not contractually binding. Hotel de la Villa Olímpica, S.A. or Luxury Hotels International of Spain, S.L.U are not responsible for any errors said illustrations may contain.


6 Accepting the Terms and Conditions

The simple act of browsing the Website and/or purchase of any of the Products offered via the same implies that the User unreservedly accepts the browser instructions, particularly each and every clause of the Terms and Conditions, Legal Information and Privacy Policy. Users must leave the session by closing the Website if they do not agree.

Customers declare on their own responsibility that they are acting in the name and on behalf of a legal entity, have read all of these Terms and Conditions, the Legal Information and the Privacy Policy mentioned in the Website and accept them all.


7 Modifications to the General Terms and Conditions

Hotel de la Villa Olímpica, S.A. reserves the right to adapt or modify these Terms and Conditions at any time. Customers can access the new Terms and Conditions via the Website. These terms will only apply to sales dated after the change.


8 Orders

Once Users have selected the various Products they wish to acquire and have identified themselves by signing into their account (or creating one if they are not yet registered with the website) using their e-mail address and password, Users must confirm or modify the delivery and invoice dates. Before providing the relevant payment information, customers will be informed of the total order value, including VAT and Users must expressly accept these Terms and Conditions before providing their payment information.

This is when their order is processed. As soon as your order has been registered, a confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address provided, indicating the exact amount invoiced and the order delivery terms and conditions. Orders are only confirmed when the User receives this e-mail.

You accept that our order registration systems are sufficient proof of hiring the service and the date. Hotel Villa Olímpica, S.A. reserves the right to cancel any order made by any Customer who delays payment or who is involved in litigation regarding a previous order or for any other legitimate reason due to irregularities in their order.

Orders for a value of less than 50 euros (incl. VAT) will not be accepted.

The last date for submitting an order via the Website is February 20th, 2017. Users must contact us by email at the following address: marta.casas@ritzcarlton.com to place an order after this date.


9 Offers and prices

All offers and Product prices displayed on this Website are exclusively for services provided inside the Fira Gran Via, the location of the Mobile World Congress 2017. Promotional offers are only valid during the period of said offer and are subject to availability. Prices mentioned on the Website are stated in Euros and include applicable VAT, which will be duly specified in the corresponding invoice.

The Products are the property of Hotel de la Villa Olímpica, S.A. until the Hotel de la Villa Olímpica, S.A. receives payment in full.


10 Payment

Hotel de la Villa Olímpica, S.A., entrusts payment management to various specialist, independent providers. Orders processed via the Website must be paid exclusively in Euros. Hotel de la Villa Olímpica, S.A. provides Users with the following payment methods:

-       Credit or Debit card (Mastercard, Visa, Amex, JCB

Bank card payments are completely secure. The entire transaction is encrypted via a bank validation server, using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption protocol. As a result, purchases made by the Customer and paid for on-line are completely secure.

Hotel de la Villa Olímpica, S.A. informs users that data Customers provide via the Payment platform is not stored in any circumstances, and is only saved for as long as the payment is being processed. In order to guarantee the best security to Website Customers, Hotel de la Villa Olímpica, S.A. reserves the right to request ID documents and the payment method used by the Customer on delivering the products purchased. These proofs of identity may be requested either by the Hotel de la Villa Olímpica, S.A. or Luxury Hotels International of Spain S.L.U.


11 Delivery

Orders will be delivered to your company's stand in the Fira Gran Via where the Mobile World Congress is being held. Customers must provide the stand location when placing their order.

If they are placing orders for several stands, Users must make separate orders for each company stand in order to guarantee correct delivery.

Users must provide the indications required for their parcel to be delivered correctly. Users will receive their parcels on the delivery date indicated on the order, bearing in mind that said delivery date must be between the 27 February and the 2nd March, 2017.

Delivery will be made directly to the stand indicated by the User under the following terms:

-       Products will be delivered between 8.00 a.m. - 16.00 p.m.; products are delivered in slots of 2 hours which can be selected upon ordering on the website www.artscateringmwc.com

All drinks will be delivered at room temperature. We recommend Customers rent a fridge for chilling drinks.

We do not provided a storage service during the Congress. Customers are responsible for providing the space required for storing requested Products.


12 Cancelling and modifying orders

The deadline for cancelling orders is 31 December 2016. To cancel an order you must contact Marta Casas at the phone (+34) 93 483 80 76  or e-mail marta.casas@ritzcarlton.com

The deadline for modifying orders is February 20th, 2017. Users must notify us to make any changes via Marta Casas at the phone (+34) 93 483 80 76  or e-mail marta.casas@ritzcarlton.com . Please remember that orders for a value of less than 50 euros (incl. VAT) are not accepted.

Once you have cancelled or modified your order, Users must receive the cancellation or modification confirmation in writing.

If changes mean that the order total increases from that paid initially, the Customer must pay the difference when modifying their order. If changes mean that the order total is less than that paid initially, the difference will be refunded to the Customer via Marta Casas at the phone (+34) 93 483 80 76  or e-mail marta.casas@ritzcarlton.com .


13 Collecting supplies

If you have rented supplies (coffee machines, etc.) these will be collected from the same stand to which they were delivered when the Fira Gran Via closes to the public on the last day for which the material was rented and at closing time.

The Customer is responsible for safeguarding non-disposable material rented and preventing any loss or damage until it is collected from their stand.


14 Civil liability

The Products provided comply with current Spanish legislation.

Hotel de la Villa Olímpica, S.A. is not responsible for failing to deliver Products due to a lack of supplies or transport disruption caused by force majeure, acts of God or strikes either involving the company, the sector or general strikes or those supported by transport and or communications workers. Hotel de la Villa Olímpica, S.A. will not be liable for indirect damage, operational, profit or opportunity losses involving the above events.

Hyperlinks may re-direct you to other Websites. Hotel de la Villa Olímpica, S.A. and Luxury Hotels International of Spain, S.L.U. do not accept any responsibility if the content of said websites contravenes current legislation and regulations.


15 Dispute resolution and jurisdiction

Any dispute arising between the customer or Website User and the seller will be submitted to the Courts and Tribunals of Hospitalet de Llobregat. Spanish legislation applies.


16 Customer service.

Our customer service department is available to answer any questions, provide advice and respond to any complaints. You can contact them:

- By letter: Arts Catering MWC, Customer Service Department, Marina 19-21, 08005 Barcelona (Spain)

- By E-mail: artsmwc@ritzcarlton.com

-By telephone: Tel: (+34) 93 221 10 00